Susana Anaya

Abstract Expressionist

(*1983 in Cuernavaca, Mexico).

The inability of putting her feelings into words made her look for other ways of communication to convey what she wanted to express. She learned how to portray her emotions through art expressions. She looked for the different instances that can boost her way to display her ideas. Therefore, she attended the “Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas” where she developed the skills for drawing, oil painting, watercolors, charcoal, chalk and how to create sculptures with plaster and clay.

She encountered a well-known Mexican painter, who became a great role model to her -el maestro Zalathiel Vargas. He tutored her for many years the magic of the painting techniques. She learned how to ease her soul so that her spirit was able to flourish in the creation of her signature work.

Currently Susana works out of her two Studios in Zurich, Switzerland and Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

“Is all about an illusion.”


Latest Artworks

Elegant, creative, Premium, Unconventional

I would describe my work as a labyrinth that arises by chance.

The layering makes it more abundant, unthinkable and

sometimes impossible



Showing, encouraging, growing.