“the full, the hollow, the light” (2021), Ref.: 251

the full, the hollow, the light

[blue collection]


Materials: anodized steel and paint

Colours:electric blue

Size: W: 40 cm x H:40 cm x T: 40 cm

Series:blue collection



Serie: blue collection, Name: “the full, the hollow, the light ”, Year: 2021, Technique: anodized steel and paint, Size: W: 40 cm x H:40 cm x T: 40 cm, Ref.: 251

"An exquisite masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of duality and luminescence, "The Full, The Hollow, The Light" mesmerizes with its captivating presence. This sculpture effortlessly weaves together the concepts of wholeness and emptiness, evoking a profound sense of balance and harmony. With its graceful curves and meticulous craftsmanship, it invites viewers to explore its intricate details and uncover the hidden depths within. The interplay of light and shadow adds a magical touch, casting enchanting patterns that dance across its surface. Each angle offers a new perspective, revealing the interwoven narrative of life's ever-changing beauty. A true testament to the transformative power of art, this sculpture radiates a radiant glow that touches the soul and ignites the imagination. It stands as a timeless symbol of inspiration, reminding us to embrace both the fullness and the emptiness within ourselves, and to find solace in the luminous light that guides our journey."