“ luminescent sphere” (2022), Ref.: 284


[viva la vida]


Materials: oil on canvas

Colours:neon pink, neon orange, electric blue, fiery orange, and lime green

Size:W:150 cm x H:150 cm

Series:viva la vida



Serie: viva la vida, Name: “ untitled”, Year: 2022, Technique: oil on canvas, Size: 0̸ 120 cm, Ref.: 279

„is a vibrant and captivating artwork that embodies the spirit of Mexican neon colors. The spherical form takes on a life of its own, pulsating with an energetic display of vivid and electrifying hues. Brilliant shades of neon pink, electric blue, fiery orange, and lime green come together in a harmonious symphony, creating a visual feast for the eyes. The artwork exudes an aura of celebration and festivity, reminiscent of the lively atmosphere found in Mexican traditions and festivities. The neon colors radiate a sense of vibrancy and excitement, evoking the bustling streets adorned with colorful decorations and illuminated signs during festive occasions. As the light interacts with the curved surface of the "Luminescent Sphere," it creates a dynamic interplay of shadows and reflections, adding depth and dimension to the artwork. The radiant glow of the neon colors gives the sphere an almost magical quality, as if it possesses a vibrant energy that cannot be contained.“