“untitled” (2022), Ref.: 249


[blue collection]


Materials: oil on wood and mixed media

Colours:different shades of blue

Size: 0̸ 68 cm

Series:blue collection



Serie: Blue collection, Name: untitled, Size: 0̸ 68 cm, Ref.: 249 Technique: oil on wood and mixed media

"An artwork that radiates an air of refined sophistication. Its smooth, curved form seamlessly blends shades of blue, ranging from deep sapphire to delicate sky blue. The gradient of blues creates a sense of depth and dimension, drawing the viewer's gaze into the depths of the piece. The artwork's elegant nature is accentuated by the lustrous sheen that seems to cascade over its surface, reminiscent of polished glass or shimmering water. As light interacts with the artwork, it dances across the varying shades of blue, creating a mesmerizing interplay of highlights and shadows that accentuates its contours."