„I would describe my work as a labyrinth that arises by chance. The layering makes it more abundant, unthinkable and sometimes impossible.”

Susana Anaya


The work is realized in three-dimensional finish but presented in two dimensions. It consists of impossible volumes created with oil that should have only two dimensions. For her, the proportions are key to the role of her work derived from her love of aesthetics. Most important to her art is the relationship of the parts to each other and the to the whole creation which are in harmony, thus beauty.

The colors she uses are created mixing pigments and line oil, as the old masters did in former times. They are much brighter and more intense than normal oil colors and some are not available to purchase making them very special to her art. These colors reflect the vivid passion and intense beauty of the inner soul she is exposing and presenting in her work.

Her work is categorized in two types: Dynamic and Static paintings.

The dynamic artwork shows more energy, asymmetric with movement and masculinity with more powerful feeling. The static paintings are symmetrical, beautifully calm and stable and derived from the female energy.

Her inner motivations which push her to create her artwork are fundamentally her vessels to express. She creates images of her conscious and unconscious feelings through color on canvas. Every color has an emotion. When she starts to mix these colors, she feels their energy and so the creation begins.

Losing herself in the magic and beauty of color and textures, she creates her special and deep soulful art. She gets lost without time or other external conflicting factors, so it does not influence her creations until each piece comes to its own completion. The results show the honesty and love, the highs and lows, the passions and emotions of her soul in her art.

The viewer can see the unconscious story in each piece she creates, captured by her journey and exposed for her audience, given with her love.